Specialist film packaging - our versatility shines through

When you’re looking for the right specialist film packaging for your meat, fish and poultry products, we’ll deliver proven products across the following and more:
  • Flow shrink
  • Form-Fill-Seal
  • Shrinkable thermoforming films
  • Lidding films
  • Skin Films
Our decades of experience in food packaging means we have the know-how to bring your requirements to life.
We’re more than just a safe pair of hands. Our expertise in flexible packaging is trusted by many leading food businesses in the UK and internationally.


Sous Vide film
Sous Vide films are used for vegetables and meat products so they can be cooked at lower temperatures for a better end result. The multi-layer film provides robust protection against moisture and oxygen, preserving the food in its optimum state.
Doy Seal stand up Pouches
The popularity of Doy seal pouches is increasing across several different products. These can help brands stand out on the supermarket shelves and provide great versatility. They’re used for meat, fish, pasta, coffee, fruit and more.
We can supply these in various materials, including PET/PE, METOPP, METPET/PE and PET/PEEVOH.
Ocean Bound Plastic
Certified Ocean Bound Plastic can be recycled and manufactured into new products to enhance the circular economy and reduce plastic pollution in the seas.
If you’ve got a requirement for any of the above, please get in touch via the contact form.
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