DBM Packaging strategically place tooling with a number of different manufacturing partners to meet all your packaging needs. All the production facilities that we use meet UK legislation and are BRC approved. We can offer a next day delivery of trays anywhere in the UK. Please contact our sales team to find out how we can help with your packaging needs.

Our range of trays includes the following categories:

Thermoformed & injection moulded trays

DBM can supply thermoformed trays and injection moulded pots in a variety of materials. We have a large range of tools to produce a number of standard trays to suit many market sectors. Standard trays come in a variety of cut sizes, both single and multi compartment.

We also offer the facility of bespoke and standard off-the-shelf trays in a wide range of materials - CPET, APET, RPET, PP, PVC, HIPS, EPS, PLA and dual oven-able board.

Stock holding

We hold many of the standard trays in stock - a single pallet is our minimum order quantity.

Bespoke trays

Design & development

Our manufactures provide an in-house design facility using the latest 3D modelling software. We have facilities to produce samples within 10 working days.


Our versatility enables us to offer low entry into new lines by offering cost-effective tooling.

With larger volumes we can offer lower unit costs and, in many instances, this can be offset against the tray volume.

From receipt of order it takes 4 weeks to produce tooling and finished goods.

Bamboo trays

With increasing demands from customers for environmentally friendly packaging, retailers are on the lookout for trays that are non-petroleum based, made from sustainable and renewable sources.

We are able to supply innovative trays made from bamboo and sugar cane rather than plastic. This biodegradable material will break down naturally, eradicating the need for packaging to be bagged and sent to landfill.

Length: Width: Depth:

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