Open Plant Cleaning

Our Range Passes Every Hygiene Test, Every time

A simple, effective range

Our new system range is the most complete and harmonised range in the industry, offering the best products for all critical applications. Our innovative range meets all legal requirements and is available quickly and consistently throughout the world.

Total compliance with all hygiene audits

Our unique combination of products, services, technical support, training and systems make Open Plant Cleaning quick, effortless and cost effective. Products and solutions are available to clean even the most difficult areas. Every surface, piece of material, item of equipment and corner of the plant is left scrupulously clean and open to inspection. In addition, our support and service levels will ensure hygiene audits are easily passed.

Overall cost savings

Our technical support, systems, training and innovative products are designed to be cost effective, not only through low cost in use, but also by ensuring that lost production time due to non-compliance with audits is minimized.