For when time is money and results matter!

What is EnduroPower?

Neither a foam nor a gel: EnduroPower is a brand new range of products from JohnsonDiversey, making quick work of the most challenging cleaning tasks. It forms a highly active and visible viscoelastic film that stays in contact for up to six times longer than other products, thus increasing penetration of stubborn soils. The products can be applied and rinsed quickly and thoroughly, penetrating cracks and crevices, leaving equipment and the plant scrupulously clean and open for investigation.

Who can use EnduroPower?

EnduroPower has been engineered for the specific demands of the food, dairy and beverage industries, so if you are involved in any of these areas, then it's for you! Designed to work on a variety of surfaces, EnduroPower is both flexible and easy to use. With its unique patented formula, EnduroPower has been developed to surpass the high standards of hygiene you expect from JohnsonDiversey.

Will EnduroPower save me money?

The longer cling time means that there is no need for reapplication, saving you time, chemicals, water, energy and labour costs. EnduroPower achieves constantly high cleaning standards, minimizing a loss of production time due to non-compliance with hygiene audits. Also the products collapse and rinse quickly saving additional time, water, labour and money.