Quatdet Clear



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Terminal Disinfectant

A terminal disinfectant specially formulated for use in the food and beverage industries. Quatdet Clear combines a blend of cationic materials to provide a broad spectrum of anti-microbial activity and a high rate of kill even at low temperatures. It is active against commonly occurring micro-organisms including yeast's.

Quatdet Clear solutions are safe to use on most materials found in the food and beverage industries including stainless and galvanised steels, aluminium, and commonly occurring plastics. Compatibility with other materials should be checked prior to use. Quatdet Clear is tolerant of hard water, organic soils and detergents. Its antimicrobial activity is unaffected by these materials. In addition, Quatdet Clear has been subjected to taint testing by independent laboratories and if used in accordance with instructions for use, will not give rise to taint. Quatdet Clear is moderately foaming and is suitable for a wide range of soak, spray and fogging applications.