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Using food grade lubricants in the manufacturing, processing and packaging of food and beverage products is essential to ensure the safety of the product produced. The fully synthetic, NSF H1 registered CASSIDA range of food grade lubricants is the solution for manufacturers. The CASSIDA portfolio contains all of the high performance lubricants required in food and beverage manufacturing, from gear and hydraulic oils to specialist products, such as extreme temperature greases.

DBM is the sole distributor of the CASSIDA range of food grade lubricants in Scotland.

Why Fuchs CASSIDA from DBM

In partnership with Fuchs we can offer a complete range of technical support:

  1. Comprehensive Plant Audits
  2. Tailored Training Programmes
  3. Technical Support and Advice
  4. Lubrication critical control point surveys (LCCP)
  5. Waste Management and Disposal
  6. Oil Condition Monitoring

Features of the CASSIDA range

Applcations and Industry Guides

Please click on the link below to access the following industry specific guides: