Chemicals and food hygiene training from a trusted partner

DBM Food Hygiene Limited is a national distributor with a wealth of experience and expertise in the chemical industry. We began our partnership with Diversey in 2002 and can provide the following to your food-packing business:
Audit and compliance
Hygiene audits conducted by qualified technical staff, covering chemical selection,  foam quality, chemical strength, surface adhesion of chemicals, pathogen and microbiological control, hygiene inspections, personnel training, critical control points, dismantling procedures and disinfection selection. This can be tailored to meet your requirements.
COSHH training includes reasons for cleaning, how to clean, the law, chemical hazards, chemical safety, protective clothing spillage clearing, and first aid. Bespoke packages are available.
Listeria management
We understand that listeria control can be challenging from time to time. We have compiled a training programme that raises awareness and understanding within the workplace.
Chemical handling
We take chemical safety very seriously and provide training to ensure our sites have the knowledge to handle, store and decant chemicals safely.
Intermediate food hygiene
Microbiological management is important to manufacture safe food. We have developed an intermediate food hygiene training aimed at hygiene supervisors and managers to give more in-depth knowledge into microorganisms, CIP, how to clean, hand hygiene, audit and compliance.
Our technical service managers are given the latest training and support from Diversey to help deliver that exceptional service you expect from your chemical supplier.
Equipment supply
We stock a wide range of dosing equipment, from simple chemical dosing devices to bespoke chemical dilution and wash-down systems. Our minimum order quantities are small, and we use our in-house and third-party couriers to deliver throughout the UK.
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